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Class Schedule

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Abdominals, Buttocks and Thighs… Blitz your body with a variety of Lower Body/midsection strength movements. The Cardio component will help increase fitness, while reshaping and toning the body.  (60min)

Strength and Conditioning Circuit

Strong Friday is a weights based workout to target the full body and increase strength and endurance. Leaving you feeling invigorated and conditioned. (60 mins)


Start your week the right way with a relaxing but challenging yoga class.

Saturday HIIT Squad

Full body HIIT session, burn fat faster and develop lean muscle from head to toe.

Interval Athletic Training

Resistance and cardio based workout targeting the full body for functional, athletic fitness. Interval training will get your heart pumping. Your endorphins racing and leave you feeling invigorated while getting results. (60mins)


Concentrating on your core and booty this class will strengthen and tone these areas in no time.


MetaPWR is a 30-minute, metabolic resistance workout, combining bodyweight and weighted compound exercises with little rest to maximize calorie burn and increase the metabolic rate during and after the workout. MetaPWR uses large muscle groups mainly compound exercises which are movements that require a maximum amount of energy because multiple joints are involved like a Squat with a Press.


Want to get stronger, build more lean muscle mass, improve power, coordination and endurance, then StrongFIT is for you. Using a variety of equipment including Suspension straps, ViPRs, Kettlebell, Dumbbells, Barbells, Bands and Balls. 


This is a fall prevention program aimed at our older adults. Focusing on vitality, functional movement, strength, balance, and coordination, this class will keep your body moving at its best, and having fun at the same time.


Boxfit is a fat burning, cardiovascular, strength and toning workout. It is based on the training used for boxing so it includes skipping, boxing drills including footwork and abdominal workouts - all focusing on fitness and toning. It's all about working up a sweat and toning those muscles.

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